Paris International Cooking School
International Pastry Cooking Class (menu 1)
International Pastry Cooking Class
In this new class, students will learn to prepare 3 desserts each week. We will cover desserts from many different countries. Famous pastries from France, England, Africa, Italy, America, Germany and Austria.

We have two menu sets (sets of recipes) for this class:
(closed arrow menu 1)
(closed arrow menu 2)

Tuesdays2.30pm to 5pm
Tuesdays, 2.30pm to (about) 5pm
starts on 17th October, 2017 for 8 weeks. (1 session per week)
menu: menu 2
code: 1742E
teacher: L. Villoing
fee: $300.00 (8 sessions, fee includes an apron and a 5-course meal in the first session)

We have two sets of menus for this course. We rotate different sets of menus (recipes) each term. For full list of menus, please refer to this Menu Listing page

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We also provide French Pastry Cooking Class
Similar to this class, with more pastries from France.

To enrol into this class, you can simply enrol yourself online with our secure website, give us a call or fill in the enrolment form (printed version). (More information on enrolment.)
Classes are run subject to acquiring minimum numbers. Maximum number of students per class is 6.

what to bring
For the first session, simply come to the class with empty stomach. A four-dessert meal will be served at the conclusion of the cooking demonstration. From second week onwards, students are required to bring an apron, two tea towels, food containers and fresh ingredients (detailed list will be provided weekly).

The making of puff pastry would take about 3 hours of work (2 hours would be the very minimum time required for highly trained chefs), which is longer than the time of the weekly class. If you wish to learn how to make puff pastry (the pastry base), you can join our Sweet and Savory Pastry Workshop.