Paris International Cooking School
Unfortunately, many shops misspelt the name as macarons when they actually sell “macarons,” and pronounce it wrong. Due to this common mistakes on two similar words, we decided to clarify the difference between macarOns and macarOOns.

MacarOns (rhymes with 'horn') are shown in two photos below. They are sandwich-like biscuits with crisp crusts and a soft filling in between (Macaron de Paris).

MacarOOns (pronounce like 'broom' or 'room') are shown in photo below. They are dense cookies made either with coconut or with a coarse almond paste.

In our Macaron & Choux Workshop (beginner's level), we focused on macarOns, but we will also teach you macarOOns.
In our Macaron & Filling I (advanced level 1) and Macaron & Filling II (advanced level 2) Workshops, we teach you macarOns, the more advanced version.

want to make your own macarons?

We will teach you how. In fact, we will teach you all the secrets (we know) on how to make your own macarons in our Macaron Workshops. You can make your own macarons just like ours. We offer Macaron Workshops in Beginner’s and Advanced Levels covering many different types of macarons:

Macaron Making Party (2 hours)

Macaron & Choux Workshop (beginner's level, 5 hours)

Macaron & Filling I Workshop (advanced level, 6 hours)

Macaron & Filling II Workshop (advanced level 2, 6 hours)

BTW, what we sell are called “macarons” not “macaroons”. Albeit many shops misspelt the name when they actually sell “macarons.” There's a difference between macarons and macaroons.