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Macaron & Choux Workshop Beginners

Right now, macarons are very popular in France, and are sold in almost every Patisserie and served in Salon de Thé. In this workshop students will be introduced to the history of the Macaron, and will learn how to make a selection of those tasty little cakes (from simple recipes to more elaborate ones, including US styled macaroon). Besides macaron, we also teach one of the difficult French pastry recipes: Choux Paste in sweet and savoury versions.

This is beginner's level of Macaron making. Advanced students can enrol into our advanced level Macaron and Filling Workshop.

Like all our other Cooking Classes and Workshops, this workshop is fully practical (hands-on). Students are fully involved in this workshop. We don't ask you to just watch the demonstration, prepared to get your hands messy! (Okay, not that messy)

We have one menu set (sets of recipes) for this cooking workshop:


To enrol into this workshop, you can simply enrol yourself online with our secure website, give us a call or fill in the enrolment form (printed version). (More information on enrolment.)
Classes are run subject to acquiring minimum numbers. Maximum number of students for this Class is 8.

what to bring

Students are asked to bring two tea towels, food containers (for taking food home) and wear full closed flat shoes.
Students will enjoy the macarons and choux at the end of the workshop.
Please feel free to bring a camera with you if you'd like to take photos of completed work. (We found many students were interested in taking photos of the food they made.)

next level

Macaron and Filling I Workshop (advanced level 1)

macaron or macaroon

Macaron and Macaroon are different. Albeit, many shops misspelt the name as macarons when they actually sell “macarons,” and pronounce it wrong. Please refer to Macaron or Macaroon page for the difference.
We will teach you both macarons and macaroons in this workshop.

(Photo by Antony S.)


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