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During this macaron making short (introductory) class, you will learn all about the history of those popular tasty sweet, from their humble beginning in Italy to the more elaborated French creations. We will teach you all the steps on how to make macarons from fresh ingredients. A recipe booklet with all recipes is included for every participant.

The 2.5 hours practical class will show you how to create those lovely little pastry at home, from Italian Rum macaron to the historical Macaron of Nancy, we will also make berry Macaron with French meringue (with a butter cream filling) as well American orange macaroons (with Swiss meringue) will also be made.

Of courses all of those lovely macarons will be extensively tasted during the short (introductory) class and you will also receive a complementary pack of macarons with assorted flavour to take home.

You will be given the opportunity to purchase equipments (at wholesale price) required to make those tasty Macarons at home (piping bag, nozzle, silicon spoon and spatula, silicone mats, sugar thermometer, timer, baking trays, alignment macaron mat and more).

Cost per person for all this is $ 70.00


(until 30 November 2017) History of Macarons
Italian Amaretti Rum Macaron
Vanilla Macaron of Nancy
Classic Berries Macaron de Paris (with French Meringue)
American Orange Macaroons (with Swiss Meringue)

(from 1 December 2017)
History of Macarons
Italian Amaretti Grand Marnier Macaron
Lemon & Coconut Macaroons (with Swiss Meringue)
Vanilla Macaron of Nancy
Classic Dark Macaron de Paris (with French Meringue) with following options:
Salty Caramel, Dark Chocolate or Coffee

not suitable
Customers who are allergic to almond.

Current Schedules:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, all Term 1 short courses, Classes, Workshops are cancelled. The voucher will be extended by both the deal company and us. We aim to resume classes as soon as we can.
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More dates of Macaron Making Short (Introductory) Class will be announced.

Each participant will receive a recipe booklet and complimentary macarons to take home.

The maximum number of guests for Macaron Making Short (Introductory) Class is 10. Minimum number for each Class is 4. If the particular Macaron Making Short (Introductory) Class does not reach the minimum required number to run the Class, we will contact you and arrange a different date.
Booking (at least two days in advance) is essential.

not suitable
Macaron is not recommended for customers who are allergic to almond.

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macarOn or macarOOn?
Okay, “macaron” is not “macaroon”, they are different. Albeit many shops misspelt the name when they actually sell “macarons.” Please see Macaron vs Macaroon page for the difference.

looking for more?
If you would like to learn more about making macarons. We offer fully practical hands-on Macaron Workshops in both Beginner’s and Advanced Levels covering many different types of macarons:

Macaron & Choux Workshop (beginner's level, 5 hours)

Macaron & Filling I Workshop (advanced level 1, 6 hours)

Macaron & Filling II Workshop (advanced level 2, 6 hours)

BTW, what we make and sell are called “macarons” not “macaroons”. Albeit many shops misspelt the name when they actually sell “macarons.” There's a difference between macarons and macaroons.

If you would like us to run Cooking Parties at your place, simply contact us.

want to buy macarons from us?
We sell macarons directly to the public. We offer a different flavour each week.

For regular cooking classes and weekend workshops, please refer to:
We aim to resume those as soon as we can.
We aim to resume those as soon as we can.