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Knife Sharpening (short course)

Over many years of teaching cooking (in both Great Britain and Australia), we noticed that many of our students own knives (some are top brand and even full set of knives) at home. However many of our students do not know how to take good care of their good knives, most students even do not know how to keep their knives sharp.

In this knowledge packed short course, our head teacher Laurent will teach students how to sharpen knives with sharpening steels.

Each students will have opportunities to practice individually on knife sharpening skills and techniques. Because this course is running in small number (maximum of 4 students), each student will have plenty of attention from the teacher.

All knives and sharpening steels used in the class are provided. No need to bring your own.

During each class, there will be a short cooking demonstration on making and baking popular small French cake - Madeleine of Commercy. Recipes will be given as part of the course.

Due to ongoing Covid-19 situation, we follow strict Covid-19 Safety Guidelines (see below)


Knife Sharpening & Simple Canapé Making Menu

Refreshment Provided (self-serve tea/coffee, light food)
Knife Introduction
Type of Knives, their usages, safe handling and storage
Knife Sharpening with Steel (practical)
for morning class: Madeleine of Commercy Making (demonstration and tasting)
for afternoon class: French Style Crêpes Making (demonstration and tasting)
for evening class: Savoury Cheese with Herbs and Sweet Coconut Alumette Making (demonstration and tasting)
Question Time


We will publish more dates later.
Each student will take home a knife sharpening skill info booklet with recipe.

The maximum number of guests for Knife Sharpening short course is 6. Minimum number is 2. If the particular date does not reach the minimum required number to run the Short Class, we will contact you and arrange a different date.
Booking (at least two days in advance) is essential. Due to Covid-19 situation, all classes may be re-scheduled if necessary.


To book yourself into our Knife Sharpening Class, simply click on the Redeem button next to the date and time suitable (above).

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Due to ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, we follow strict health guidelines from Government authorities. In addition: We will ask all attendees to follow health and safety directions:
  • Wearing of face masks during class recommended
  • Sanitising hands and equipments throughout the class (hand sanitising and disinfectant wipes are provided.)
  • Maintain social distance at all time (we provide table and sittings at suitable distance)
  • Minimum short distance interaction (the teacher will only approach students when absolutely necessary during practical part of the knife sharpening part)

For regular cooking classes and weekend workshops, please refer to:
We aim to resume those as soon as we can.
We aim to resume those as soon as we can.

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