Paris International Cooking School

Knife Skills Workshop

In this workshop, students will be introduced to all sorts of kitchen knives. Students will learn how to use knives like professional chefs. Learn to cut julienne, brunoise, macédoine, turning of potatoes, food garnishes (tomato roses, radish flowers, apple birds, and more ...), cutting chicken, filleting fish, and fruit preparation and segmenting. We will also teach students how to care and sharpen knives, as well as knife safety.

We provide a set of knives to every student for use during the workshop. Students are welcome to bring their own knives to the workshop (must be well wrapped during transporting, by law).

A six-course meal (generous portion) will be cooked and consumed as part of knife skills practicing.

Like all our other Cooking Classes and Workshops, this workshop is fully practical (hands-on). Students are fully involved in this workshop. We don't ask you to just watch the demonstration, prepared to get your hands messy! (Okay, not that messy)

workshop outline:

  • Introduction of different types of knives and their intended usage.
  • Knife caring and sharpening
  • Knife dicing/chopping practical
  • Thai food carving
  • Cooking of the six-course meal

We all hate dicing/slicing onions, in this workshop, we will teach you how to dice and slice onions the fast and efficient way. You will also cry less once you learn the skill.

We have one set of menu (set of recipes) for this workshop (click button to reveal)


To enrol into this workshop, you can simply enrol yourself online with our secure website, give us a call or fill in the enrolment form (printed version). (More information on enrolment.)
Workshops are run subject to acquiring minimum numbers. Maximum number of students for this Workshop is 8.

what to bring

Students are asked two tea towels, food containers (for taking food home) and wear full closed flat shoes.
Students will enjoy the food prepared by the students at the end of the workshop.


No surcharges on credit cards.