Paris International Cooking School

Pâtés and Terrines Workshop

In this special full day workshop, students will learn to prepare about 15 different Pâtés & Terrines including a Country Style Pork Pâté, Rillette specialty of the city of Le Mans, Duck & Pistachio Terrine, Rabbit and Artichokes Terrine, Potatoes Tourte, Subric of Vegetables, Bavarian Cream Enrubanné, Exotic Fruit Terrine in Champagne Jelly, Salmon & Perch Fish Terrine, Potatoes Terrine, Oeuf in Aspic Jelly and a lot more. Some will be eaten during lunch, others tasted for dinner and a lot will be taken home at the conclusion of the day.

Due to the length required to make pâtés and terrines, this is a full day workshop.

Like all our other Cooking Classes and Workshops, this workshop is fully practical (hands-on). Students are fully involved in this workshop. We don't ask you to just watch the demonstration, prepared to get your hands messy! (Okay, not that messy)

We have one set of menu (set of recipes) for this workshop (click button to reveal)

not suitable

Customers who observe kosher or halal dietary rules are not suitable to this workshop. This workshop is not suitable for vegetarian or vegan diet either.


To enrol into this workshop, you can simply enrol yourself online with our secure website, give us a call or fill in the enrolment form (printed version). (More information on enrolment.)
Workshops are run subject to acquiring minimum numbers. Maximum number of students for this Workshop is 6.

what to bring

Students are asked two tea towels, food containers (for taking food home) and wear full closed flat shoes.
Students will enjoy the food prepared by the students at the end of the workshop.
Please feel free to bring a camera with you if you'd like to take photos of completed work. (We found many students were interested to take photos of the food they made.)


No surcharges on credit cards.