Paris International Cooking School

Probably there isn't much time for internet surfing during the class, however, we understand the need of getting connected. We provide our students and restaurant guests free Wi-Fi access.

If you would like to get connected, you will need to bring your own Wi-Fi enabled device (such as an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or MacBook). We provide 802.11n wireless network, which is compatible with 802.11g and 802.11b protocols.

The connection detail is posted in restaurant and school. We are unable to provide any further assistance beyond the network password. For security reason, the network maybe hidden (closed network) and the password may be changed from time to time.

Please be advise, although we are not monitoring your usage, by using our Wi-Fi service, you agreed not to conduct any illegal or perform any abusive activities. This includes (but not limited to) no pornography, no unlawful activities, no malicious intents.