Paris International Cooking School

What Are the Difference Between Cooking Classes and Weekend Workshops?
In short, the Cooking Class (Class) is usually a 8-week duration cooking class, whereas the Weekend Workshop (Workshop) is usually a one-off 5-hour workshop. Both are practical.
In Cooking Classes (Classes), except cooking demonstration in the first week, students will be learning all food and recipes by himself or herself. Students are required to bring most of the ingredients to the class (the list of ingredients will be given to students the week before).
Weekend Workshops (Workshops) are focused on specific areas and some are more like a quick one-off class. Still practical, and students are working in small groups. The school will supply all required ingredients.

Who can participate in classes and workshops?
Anyone who is interested in our classes and workshops are welcome to attend our class and workshop. Since we are a cooking school, we do ask for a minimum age of 15 years old for our general Cooking Classes and Weekend Workshops, except special classes and/or workshop designed for teenagers or even younger children.
For our beverages classes (and Food and Wine Matching Dinner), minimum legal drinking age (18 years old) is required. (ID proof may be requested).
There's no upper-age limit.

Commencement of Classes and Workshops and Timetable for Next Term:
We list all the time and dates of each class clearly on our class or workshop description. If you find a mistake in listing, please let us know. We will have the following term's timetable available before the end of current term.

Duration of Classes and Workshops:
Most Cooking Classes run for 2 1/2 hours each week for 8 weeks, however depending on the recipes. Some weeks may be shorter and some weeks may be slightly longer.
Native Australian Demonstration and Lunch is 4 hours.
Most Weekend Workshops are mostly 5 hours duration on Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning or Sunday afternoon.
Teenagers Holiday Workshops are 2 ½ hours daily (Monday-Friday or Saturday)
Special classes or workshops time are clearly indicated description.

Enrolment and Payment:
You can enrol online, or by telephone, or fax, or mail to us with the enrolment form.
Our online enrolment section uses strong encryption (SSL, if you are technical minded: high-grade encryption AES-256 256 bit) to protect data transmitting between your computer and our server. We also encrypt information you submit to us through the online enrolment section.
We can also take your enrolment over the phone. Simply call us on (02) 9518 1066. Or fill out the enrolment form, then fax (02) 9560 2443 or mail to us.
Unless otherwise agreed by us, the place in the class or workshop will only be reserved for up to 7 days unless the payment is cleared. (We had quite a few people reserving places and never showed up.)

Payment Methods:
We accept payment made by cash, cheque, major credit cards (American Express, MasterCard, Visa, JCB, and China UnionPay), and EFTPOS.

American Express, Diners, JCB, MasterCard, VisaIf you wish to pay by credit card (American Express, Diners Club, JCB, MasterCard or Visa), you can fill up your enrolment through our online enrolment page, or we can take your booking over the phone, or you can fax/mail us the enrolment form, or pay it in person.

If you wish to pay by cheque, you can post the enrolment together with the cheque (payable to “PICS”), or visit us and pay in person.

China UnionPay, EFTPOSIf you wish to pay by cash or EFTPOS or China UnionPay (CUP), you will need to visit the school to make the payment to secure your place before the commencement of the class/workshop. Please do not post cash money or leave cash in the school letterbox.

Dishonoured payment will incur administrative fee of $20.00 (for bank charges).
Since 2010, we have waived all credit card surcharges. It costs you no extra to earn your rewards points with us. (Points earned through your rewards credit card issuing institute.)

Cancellation of Classes or Workshops:
The School reserves the right to cancel a course (or vary the duration of a course). Class or Workshop will run when the minimum number of students is reached. Classes or Workshops may be cancelled or postponed for any reasons beyond our control. If the School decides to cancel a course, the School will offer student full refund of the course fee, free transfer to another classes or alternative option (if any).

Transferring Cooking Classes or Weekend Workshops:
Please refer to Terms and Conditions page for details. Administration fee applies.

Photography and Recording Policy:
In short, still photograph in School premises is allowed. Audio and/or video record is not allowed in School premises without prior agreement.
We encourage students to take photos of the food they made. Taking photos during class is allowed if it is taken in a way not interfering/disrupting with other students and/or the progress of class/workshop.
Video recording (or audio-only recording) is strictly not allowed, unless there was a prior agreement was obtained before the commencement of the class/workshop.

Child Care:
For safety reasons, children cannot accompany students to the class. Occasional childcare is available at 4 locations near the school (address and telephone details will be provided upon request).

Class or Workshop Certificate:
After completing at least 80% of Class or Workshop, student may request for certificate for the Class or Workshop. Administration fee of $5.00 applies ($6.50 if posting is required).

Insurance (Disclaimer):
PICS hold full insurance, but cannot accept responsibility for misadventure or loss to person or property. If you feel that you need to, you may contract personal liability insurance for the duration of your selected course(s). For your safety and comfort we strongly recommend that you wear closed flat non-slip shoes in our kitchen.

Gift Vouchers:
Gift Vouchers are available for all of our Classes or Workshops. We also provide Gift Vouchers for restaurant meals. The value of the gift (eventually select the class or workshop) should be decided in advance, or allow the recipient to choose their class(es) or workshop(s) or dinner. We mail out purchased Gift Vouchers free of charge.
These certificates are not redeemable for cash in any circumstances.

Retail Range available at the school:
School bib apron (with pocket): $ 15
tea towel $ 2.00
handmade macarons $ 8.00 (box of 6)
Coffee (Nespresso) $ 3.00
Assorted soft drink $ 1.20

Breakages & Equipment Malfunction:
In order to have equipment fixed or replaced rapidly, please report any malfunction to your teacher. To avoid any disadvantage to other class students, it’s strictly forbidden to ”borrow” and take any school equipment out of the school’s premises.

General School Rules:
For everyone's enjoyment and hygiene, the school is a strictly non-smoking place. The school has a BYO policy (beer or alcohol). For your own safety, it’s recommended that you drink in moderation. (Taxi can be ordered if needed.) For health and safety reasons, being drunk or disorderly behaviour is not tolerated at the school, and we will ask you to leave school premises quietly. For a better future, we recycle paper, glass, plastic, aluminium cans and tins can.

Multiple Cooking Classes Discount:
If the student is enrolling for more than one cooking classes in the same school term, the student is entitle for 20% off second (or any subsequent) Cooking Class(es) of the lower (or equal) fee one. No discounts applies to Weekend Workshops or Practical Hospitality Classes.

Senior Discount:
Seniors CardSenior students with Seniors Card are qualified to claim a 10% off discount on enrolment fees (for card holders). This senior discount applies to Cooking Classes and Weekend Workshops. If a senior student is enrolling for more than one class, the senior discount only applies to the first class, and the second (or third etc) class(es) will receive Multiple Cooking Classes Discount (20% off) as mentioned above, the senior discount does not apply.
Exclusion: Seniors Card discount does not apply to Practical Hospitality Classes.

Where can I find the Cooking School and Restaurant?
Please refer to Getting to the School page. If you are driving and relying on a GPS navigation device, please see the special notes for GPS navigation device users.