Paris International Cooking School
In 1980 at the age of 16 Linda attended a cake decorating course at Liverpool Technical College, N.S.W, completed all courses and was complemented on her ability and skill at cake decorating. The same year at the age of 16 she was given a traineeship at “The Pie Pantry”, Liverpool, N.S.W.

On completion of her traineeship she continued working at “The Pie Pantry” until she was 22 then took a job at “Smithies Bakehouse”, Casula as it was closer to were she was living at that time.

At the age of 26 she took a job at “A Piece of Cake” and worked there until she married then she took a job at Kareela Patisserie and worked there for 12 years and eventually bought the business.

Linda owned and ran the business for 5 years very successfully. Her store had a great demand on Wedding and originality cakes which she specialised in. She sold the business in November 2008 and the new owners requested that she stay and work for them part time until the current owners have learnt all the skills of cake finishing and decorating.

Linda has done several cakes for famous people such as Charlie from Hi-5, the cake was then published in “The Woman’s Day” magazine.

Linda also is a member of the cake decorator association of N.S.W whom publishes a magazine called “Australian Sugar craft” which many of her cakes have been published in.

Linda still has a passion for decorating, designing and creating cakes and wish to be doing this for many more years.