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Greek Cooking Class & Meal (short course)

Want to organise an event fill with fun and useful knowledge?
We offer Greek Food Cooking at affordable price. During the Greek Cooking Class, you (and your friends) will not only enjoy the event, but you will also get more knowledgeable at cooking in general which will make your daily cooking more agreeable and hopefully faster and easier. Don't forget, you will also enjoy generous food tasting at end, that's complementary.
Each Class runs for approximately 2 hours, and during that time we will show you how to cook 4 recipes, you will also take home a cooking booklet with all the recipes (so you can repeat them at home at your leisure).
Our 2hr Greek Cooking Class is mostly cooking demonstration style, however if you wish to participate in a more active way, there will be opportunities to get some practical experience.
Good cooking requires good recipes (we have them), also right tools and equipment.
During the course of the demonstration, we will use a range of the most suitable cooking utensils and knives.


Baked Prawns in Feta and Tomato Sauce
Greek Style Moussaka
Greek Salad
Lemon and Honey Almond Tart


Thursday 2nd May
10AM - 12pm
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Sunday 12th May
12.30pm - 2.30pm Running
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Monday 20th May
10.30AM - 12.30pm
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More dates will be available shortly. We are working on our timetables.
Each student will take home a recipe booklet and food made from Greek Cooking Class & Meal Class.

The maximum number of guests for Greek Cooking Class & Meal Class is 8. Minimum number is 4. If the particular date does not reach the minimum required number to run the Short Class, we will contact you and arrange a different date.
Booking (at least two days in advance) is essential.


To book yourself into our Greek Cooking Class & Meal, simply click on the Redeem button next to the date and time suitable.

looking for more?

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If you wish to learn more, we offer 5- or 6- hour fully hands-on practical Weekend Workshop. What something even more? WE offer 8-week fully hands-on practical Cooking Classes (on going).

For regular cooking classes and weekend workshops, please refer to:
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